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The 5x5 Story Project (Five by Five Series) is a personal ongoing series that goes into the following format: In which all stories must be written in five parts and with each part extending no more than five paragraphs each. It's more of creative leap to diverge away from the main stories for a while and dive into other areas that can count off into one-shots.

Current Stories

Aletica's Quest

Date: May 23-28, 2011

  • Genre: Fantasy, Action // Heavy Busts, Muscle Growth
  • Characters: Aletica, Adelen, Vahalla

Synopsis: After discovering her long lost lover has been taken hostage during battle, it's up to the strong, top-heavy and well-skilled warrior/sorceress dragon Aletica to travel across the desolate lands of Gyralusa to save her lover. But that is with it's perils and the plot of a ex who wants her revenge.

  1. Her Quest Begins
  2. Over The Mountains And... Into The Desert?
  3. Buffin' Boobs
  4. What Really Happened at Piker's Cove
  5. Aletica vs. Valhalla

Upcoming Stories

The Legend of Queen Lycana

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Characters: Queen Lycana
  • Synopsis: N/A

The Search of the North Light

  • Genre: Experimental Fantapunk
  • Characters: Iseria
  • Synopsis: N/A