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After Earth is a special created for the original Interrealm Universe as sort of a prequel to the history of events that leads to the modern nation of Solterra.
A love that crosses lings of species and sides and in in a time of war. Can these two make a start at the end of the world's most devastating conflict?


After Earth (formally Blue Mars) is in a way a prologue to the Interrealm Universe set on Earth nearing the end of the century-long Second Dragon War. A battle for domination of the solar system between the Terran-dragon alliance and the dragon purists who seek the eradication of the human race. We enter the lives of the dragoness mechanic Arianna and the human reconnaissance specialist Morgan overcome their differences as a crash encounter becomes more than a reach for each others feelings.


Main Characters

  • Adrianna - A mecha mechanic who wants to be a mecha pilot herself for the Purist Union, she joined only for the sole purpose of supporting her family in harsh times during the war and whose also the daughter of a mighty general who was killed by unknown reason.
  • Lt. Morgan - Human stationed in a Long Island base miles from the ruins of New York City for the Terrans. He is a typical everyman who is great with computers and on a reconnaissance mission gone awry his skills will come to the test when he flies into Purist territory.