Ahkirus Medioan

Supreme Ruler of Arius

Credits: Ahkhana




Ariusian Round Table


Arius, Tendial Universe

First Appearance

A Tale of Two Planets


Enhanced Strength

Queen Ahkirus Medioan is the first guest character in the Interrealm universe created by Hannah Davis featuring her original character Ahkahna as the headstrong, super-powered warrior queen of one of the twin planets. Being the ruler of the larger planet of Aria she has many challenging aspects being the ruler of her people and handling such great power at the same time. Her first appearance in the yet to be developed episode; Tale of Two Planets in Interrealm: Multiverse Unlimited where the first appearance of Lady Evelynn will take place along with NightOwl. It was a great first for a external character to participate in what would have been a small project into the expansive universe that it is now.


Ahkirus is born to become the successor of King Avus but not before the ceremonial sorcerers endowed her from birth with incredible power what it was, she wouldn't discover until her later days when she took control in a rebellion. Where her power was soon revealed to be super strength as she took down the most powerful hordes that were storming into the castle. She restored order and punished the coup but at the cost of her father's life. Now standing as the current leader of the planet she lead with a strong will and a warrior-esque persona who is hard to challenge in the eyes who decide to take her on along with keeping strong relations with the neighboring planet of Syranei who since her father's reign, been in conflict and wants to finally put an end to the hostilities.


  • Ahkirus is derived from the original character back in 2002 changed alot since then and is now part of the species Mechlean Teyoshey Teschevah.
  • Currently registered within the Library of Congress via Copyright Ahkahna on DeviantArt