Ai'ikani Runichek
Credits: Avencri


Western Dragon


Europan Government: Financial Counselor
Solterran Government: Secretary of Interplanetary Affairs
Percian Government: Governor-President (Paleo-Republican)


St. Petersburg, Europa
U.C.E., Solterran Alliance

First Appearance


Ai'ikani Runichek is a character noted from the series Muliverse Unlimited. Created in part of the official time line of the story universe and the Alliance in general. She is currently the first female, non-human and third governor-president of the newest nationstate in the RSN: Western Perciai. For the storyline that will concern about the two celestial superpowers, Runichek will endure some of the most dramatic events that will change the nature of the two superpowers hereafter.


Runichek was born on Earth in the city of St. Petersburg. Europa, growing up with often strict parents who were in turn descendants of the survivors during the Purist horrors of the Second Dragon War, Ai'ikani developed a strengthened lifestyle among her male counterparts on the long road to the political scene. Earlier on, she became elected to the office of finance counselor to the council of Europa taking on matters of the continent under Continental-Governor Aberte Martinez. Years later, she left office after her term ended and left the U.C.E. to start a new business venture on Western Perciai.

Onwards, her political ambitions rose up again as Ai'ikani makes her run under the Percian Independent ticket for Governor-President of Western Perciai against elven rival Anveral Waard and incumbent Peter Seka. In a numerous series of campaigns, mudslinging between candidates and cutting through primaries. Runichek beats Waard and Seka becoming first female-non-human president of the new nationstate.