Anastasia Zeiss
Credits: atlantis21seeker


Human Augment (Polar Bear)


D.M.A. Special Forces / Realms Protectorate


Earth flag Solterran Alliance
Amundsen City, Antarctic Union
United Continents of Earth
Solterran Alliance

First Appearance

Ice Queen


Super strength, ice-based powers

Anastatia Isabelle Zeiss is the second main character in Protectorate. Known for her partial "gung-ho" attitude, high toughness and cool-minded nature at the same time.

Character Biography

Originally born by that name she was raised in a mystic family in one of the ten great cities on the Antarctic Coastline. Over the years of growing up she learned to classic basics of elemental magic in the form of ice to create anything she wants even drop the temperature within low altitude and low water atmospheres. Nearing her twenties and on her own, she started to develop a deep love for the most powerful beasts living in the Arctic: The Polar Bear.

At age 23, Anastatsia decided that her love becomes a reality when she took on Genetic Augmentation Therapy to become a splicer Polar Bear and with it the incredible increase of strength and power she gained. It also became a bonus to her ice-powers when she has now the ability to freeze areas as large as a city. Taking upon interest, the Realms Protectorate took her in and trained her in a vast array of combat situations as well with her quick learning in hand-to-hand combat. Within years, rising up to the rank of Major, Zeiss now known by her nickname/codename Coldspell is the most powerful ice-elemental on Prime Earth with a touch that can literally turn a planet into her personal ice cube.

Additional Info

  • Has a known penchant for the power and beauty of real polar bears leading to her wanting of becoming a humanoid version of one.
  • She was only known to use her ultimate ability to turn a planet into a deep, frozen wasteland was on a uninhabited, earth-sized planetary moon.
  • Was originally a Interrealm Realmguard for three months before its collapse. She graduated from the Hyperspace academy with honors in elemental survival training.