The world of Atereus is a world parallel to Earth but slightly larger and with three moons. Depicted mostly in the shorts and stories from Chronicles of a Trickster, the world is a vast and lush world inhabited by beings that are totally human in appearance but live in a society where magic and sorcery rules supreme and are born with abilities far superior than normal human beings.

The planet itself is a resource-rich paradise divided into seven main continents ruled by a planetary council of Mages. All of them answer to the Astral Supreme. For centuries the Atereans have mastered the ability to travel to other worlds parallel to their own to study the ways of other peoples but that also includes the connection to the world where the stories take place.

Aterean Natives

  • Lady Belia - Known also as Belia of Azamath formally a young mistress of magic who once
  • Hagarroth of Mesothalia - Once a powerful dragon god-level being forged by the Council of Ni'zea to destroy their rivals but ended up creating a massive disaster.
  • Be'lan Viander - Apothecary from the Damia Region, left Atereus secretly for Earth long before Belia's banishment and established himself in the town of Oleander.