Lady Aulorethen
Credits: Jonfreeman




North Runes Valley, Lathena



Lady Aulorethen is a sorceress from the nation of the Dragon Nation state of the High Runes Valley and currently a fugitive for the brutal deaths of soldiers in the battlefield as a result of her own people's betrayal.

No more than a decade ago, the people of my nation were at war with another. The more stronger nation of Hargga were fighting against the dragon nations and they come to us with an ultimatum and only a lucky few managed to negotiate with them with minimal damage. The people of Hargga only value three things: Truth, Honor and Wisdom... Qualities only the people or Hargga have and cherish among themselves and everyone else not like them are just scum worthy of conquest and/or eradication. The dragon nations had the unfortunate luck of coming into the path of Hargga's mighty armies and face their wrath.

Those who survived were the ones who were taken in as slaves or just killed off out of disgust and the people of Hargga see this as truth. The armies who are under the orders of their emperor who decrees any being who dares lay a hand on a soldier is a denial of the honor and must be killed at all cost and so will their families and friends. This is what they see as honor. Wisdom? What part did the blind people see wisdom in their leaders when they can't see it in themselves it would lead to their destruction.

–Lady Aulorethen, Sorceress of the North Runes Valley

Aulorethen is the daughter of a soldier who was killed fighting the dragon nations against Hargga in the early days when she was just a hatchling. She learned the ways of the world and grew stronger with her knowledge of magic and sorcery. Growing up to become one of the nation's most valued handlers of the mystic arts. But just like her father she didn't just use magic but her fists as well to fight against those who come to harm anyone else.

Aulorethen became a hero among her people after years of service to her leaders until that brutally changed when Hargga attacked again. It started during a routine passage into their borders when suddenly a rookie harggan soldier accidentally shot and killed the wife of a dragon nation ambassador. Knowing that this incident would leave them running back the captain of that pass kills the rookie and the rest of the envoy and make it look like They killed the rookie and the soldiers shot everyone to protect themselves. Because it was clearly they were armed as well.

The captain took this news to the emperor who in a rage declared war on the dragon nations with full force. Before all that happened however Aulorethen was ordered by the council for a distant scouting mission to spot any harggan imposter. Meanwhile back at the conflict the emperor angrily gives the council an ultimatum: Kill one of their own or face eradication of their species. It wasn't an easy decision their forces were already cut down by theirs and they have no other option available. They did as they say. The unfortunate victim is the DN soldier that was captured and still alive after the border incident who is also Aulorethen's only son.

Despite his pleas to stop and listen to the truth the council members have killed him in front of the emperor in order to save themselves, their people and the nation. As promised, the emperor leaves and the council must swear ever to let Aulorethen know of what transpired. They lied to her saying that he died an honorable death. Years have passed and she has overcome the loss of her child until the emperor ordered his armies to attack the nations again over their vast resources. It was at that moment when the armies of Hargga and the D.N. were fighting she knew of the horrible truth.

It was there the battleground grew cold and silent as Aulorethen's wrath grew so great she lets her powers grow loose and out of control totally consuming her in rage that instantly killed everyone on the battlefield including her own. She didn't stop and made a path of death and destruction all the way to the harggan capital killing everyone who were in the area around her. Brutally killing the emperor.