Battle of the Big, Buff, Busty, Black Cats (Five B.C. or 5-B.C.) is the proposed 10-story miniseries featuring Launa Viander and Blackboobs the Pirate. The basic format is a competitive action adventure as the two titanic felines square off against one another in particular situations to see who is the best massive supernatural maiden in black. The idea started back in 2009 after the acquisition of "Blackboobs the Pirate" from original creator Boosterpang after peaked interest and mutual agreements along with other characters the size-shifting wolfess Tiima and large tigress Titania. Early development on what the ten stories are still in the working stages to make sure that while interconnected, each story would be more original than the next as part of one long stream.


The start of the Five B.C. storyline begins all around a chest that was buried by Launa over a century ago to mature a series of rare potions that would increase their potency over time. The tropics were a prime location so she would bury them there. Over a century later, Launa returns to pick up the chest only to encounter the dangerous and legendary Blackboobs the Pirate that ended with Blackboobs leaving with her chest and a fierce rivalry beginning.


The Big Cats
Lillian "Launa" Marijenen Viander

Born in the remnants medieval kingdom of Frisia in the coastal town of Oleander. Lillian Viander at age 23 is a famed trickster and quintessential brat in her town: Playing elaborate pranks on unsuspecting victims and rarely getting caught. That is however on one dark October night Lillian has gained interest in an old woman who kept a lot of black cats around her. After pulling the trick on the old woman, she cursed Launa and slowly transformed her halfway into a black cat but manages to get away before she can complete the curse. Discovering her condition, she furiously runs back and fights the witch to get her humanity back. Though Lillian succeeds in defeating the witch and freeing the lost souls that were in those cats. Lillian who was only half-way cursed as a humanoid cat can not be freed from her curse and loses the only person who could have freed her.

Endowed with immortality as a result of the curse placed on her, Launa uses the time to learn of the spell books and items the witch left behind to her disposal to perpetuate her own trickery to new levels across the centuries even rising up to the level of "Trickster Goddess" thanks to the help of now ex-husband and mentor Coyote. She gained her huge Olympian body thanks to the heavy training and treatment of her master/friend Xian-Tsu and his Ooau Tea. Soon followed by swordsmanship by modern vikings and self-teaching in the mystic and dark arts. Today living under the guise of the bodybuilder stunt woman billionaire Jennifer Aslan. Lillian now Launa Viander is unchallengeable until now.

  • Aliases: Launa Viander, Jennifer Aslan, etc.
  • Birthplace: Oleander, Frisia
  • Occupation: Sorceress, Trickster, Warrior
  • Powers: Trickery, necromancy, super strength, internal and external invulnerability, light, dark and ethereal magics
Mary "Blackboobs" Wilde

From Colonial Bermuda, Mary was a slim and mild-mannered panther who worked for one of the local shippers on the islands. Recently Mary has started to have fits of anger and rage stemming from her being pushed around by co-workers and her boss and later being approached in her dreams by a dark specter. One fateful night while on a mission for a new trading route, a freak storm destroyed the ship leaving her as the sole survivor. There, Mary encounters the woman who was in her dream Darquebane. For centuries has been the undisputed queen of the high seas with no empire able to take her down but one captain. She challenges Mary into a series of games to prove herself worthy to carry on her powers and lead her into becoming the next pirate queen.

She succeeds in going through Darquebane's challenges and in a rush of power and sensation, Mary's body goes through a radical transformation going from frail to titan in seconds with a massive bust line, skull and crossbones tattoos on her chest and tail tip. Intense supernatural powers from her bust and might she now sails the seas with a crew of the undead on board the Night Splinter of the name of Blackboobs the Pirate.

  • Aliases: Blackboobs
  • Birthplace: Colonial Bermuda
  • Occupation: Pirate
  • Powers: Size-shifting, necromancy, super strength, invulnerability, muscle growth, powers associated with her massive chest