Cannibalized! is a two-part story of Interrealm: Expanded Universe where main characters go into situations that are normally not part of the main Interrealm Universe storyline. The story was developed basically around the current character Atana, the Ka-tao general who kidnapped Xendrian for lustful reasons and Evelynn comes in and rescues him from Atana leaving her in defeat. But that story has changed when Pachua came into the scene and became a love interest in Dark Cauldron, and the studio universe versions. She replaces Evelynn as the rescuer.

This story is supposed to take place after Dark Cauldron, but the anticipation of muscle-themed action story it pushed it up the storyline. The originating story of how they met will still continue.

  • Part One Released: April 11, 2010
  • Part Two Released: June 2, 2010

Plot =

Xendrian has been kidnapped by Ka-tao forces led by General Atana. To make matters worse, they took Pachua's great strength thanks to an hard injection of the body-mass consuming 'cannibites'.


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