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The Interrealm Trilogy is a collection of stories and shorts that revolve around the three main books of the series as a whole. It is the flagship series created by Xenny Diemes starting way back in 2002. From its beginnings, the original format started off from what used to be called The Spydragons, a small outfit that defended the solar system from outside and external threats. But as time passes, and the now realization of such an organization working small-scale was not enough. Changes had to be made completely newer and larger scale.

What followed is a new format and direction for the series: Instead of a solar system, why not an entire multiverse to look over. Everything has changed from the old concept and the Spydragons are no more and in its place, became Interrealm. The inspiration of the series has come a long way from both classic Hollywood and literary tropes that dive into the concepts of parallel worlds and other planes of existence. Other influences came from movies and TV with those themes as well such as:

Combine that with the idea of a secret, quasi-intergovernmental organization that handles any situation that no force can. This is the tales and exploits of the agents of Inter-dimensional Defense Intelligence Agency, bet known throughout the Thirteen Realms as Interrealm.


The Spy-Fi, Comedy-Drama takes place in the 27th Century. The world as we know it has changed since the day dragons came back and lived among humanity. What soon followed were years of strife, conflict and eventually war that changed the face of the planet and the solar system. Soon afterwards magic and myth came back into a new technological world that takes its people beyond the stars.

The inevitable game-changer was the incredible discovery of quantum tunneling technology by Dr. Thomas Vela and Dr. Hans Rontegen leading to what became known as the Great Proliferation that expanded the reach of the Solterran Alliance into other universes. But with such a great gift, it soon became a curse as dangerous elements abuse the technology and worst made the Earth vulnerable to powerful beings that can destroy entire galaxies with a thought. The closest was an encounter with two powerful warriors that made Chicago their battleground costing the city everything.

In response, the government developed in-secret a new agency that will prepare and counteract all dangerous activity in the still-young region: The Thirteen Realms in policing this technology and protect the nation's interest in the multiverse. This new organization will be called Interrealm.


Superscience & Magic - Magic is a powerful force in any universe, but how its handled ranges from peaceful use to social uproar. Magic in the Alliance is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Mystic Affairs and Endeavors and it is responsible for maintaining peaceful co-existence between the powerful and powerless. Superscience started since the Neogenetic Revolution of post-war earth and it has come to describe as any field of science that teeters on the edge of violating natural and physical laws. It is often said: Magic is just stuff science hasn't figured out yet, while superscience is stuff magic's way of understanding science.

Extremes of the State - What does it take for one to make the people safe? That is the question imposed when Interrealm has gone to the extremes after a major catastrophe damages its reputation but its distrust lies from the very governments it supports. Mainly the Solterrans and the Aphkians to the point where it might need to side with the enemy with devastating consequences.

Political Parallels - There will be some elements in the series that derive or base themselves off of real historical events that are the driving forces in the story's elements.

Sexual Themes - This isn't a new thing, many stories have slipped in elements of sexual themes into their outlines and this series will not be any different. What will be different is ideas such as orientation and sexuality will be on a developmental, not sudden basis. There's got to be a slow and concise reason why some characters are what they are sexually.

Trilogy Outline

The Interrealm Trilogy is set out as a multi-episodic venture, spread across three main books each with their own connecting side stories, free of tie-ins (unless essential to the plot) and the ideas that promise each character, whether major or minor will be fascinating to the point. The books of the series are:

Multiverse Unlimited /// Protectorate /// Interinfinate

Each book will denote the point in time where it takes place. Multiverse Unlimited takes place in the past, Protectorate in the present and Interinfinite in the future and beyond where much of the greatest changes happen there.

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