Ivanev Come Hither Young One by rinjipantera
This is the story of the epic rematch between Launa and Rinji. Set about 125 years in the future from the time of her first encounter and battle with Rinji, Launa (as Sabrecat) is out fighting crime which helps her get on with her life after the passing of Roland several years ago. As she pursues some suspects on foot in an escape vehicle down the highway, she witnesses someone else intercept them and put a sudden end to their escape.

She is shocked to see that it's none other than Rinji Pantera. And immediately, she can tell that he has changed. After dispatching the criminals, Rinji immediately confronts Launa who had turned back into her normal form. He essentially demands the rematch he's been waiting for for many long years. At first Launa is hesitant, but Rinji greatly insists, swearing he will defeat her this time or die trying.