Downfall is the close-up to one of the vital-arcs of Xendrian's return to Interrealm after a sudden 10-year disappearance. The story features Dnapalmhead as the main vital character to the storyline leading up to two events: The destruction of Interrealm and the making of a new operative: Warwolf.


A rash of disasters and robberies happen around Interrealm-based outposts on different planets caused by "giants" and they are linked to an experimental quantum linking device. Worse, the disasters are linked to Xendrian's newest friend from a universe where size-shifting beings exist and he is the key. Meanwhile forces beyond are plotting to turn he post-war Interrealm into a pariah in linking to these crimes.


In a universe far beyond the thirteen realms, Dna was out picnicking with Nessie when out from a portal men with dark suits emerged seeking to take Dna with them, but they didn't go without a fight and after one assailant was shrunken down and another rendered immobile from Dna bulking him up too much, he was finally subdued and taken with them to the next world. Days later a city was under attack by a giant who was going after a warehouse containing secret technology and armaments from Interrealm before disappearing, the same happen to other cities in other universes all over causing Interrealm to respond in kind. Meanwhile Xendrian returns from his mission, parting ways with Akira who is left in charge of the recovery of the new water world.

As of now he isn't on good terms with the current chief commissioner who has been giving him a hard time since his return but what he wants to do is to return home. Unfortunately he is ordered by one of the captains to take on the next mission since it revolves around a kidnapping around what is called "Universe 144X". Under such shock, he knows that's the universe Dna is from. After a De-briefing, Xendrian is sent to Universe 144X and meets Nessie who is distraught over Dna's kidnapping by those strange men. He feels he is to blame for this transgression, when asked why it was because he spent too much time in this world with him ever since Dna went along with him on a stake-out to bust a blackwater arms deal.

Xendrian and Dna discovered a massive feet of star ships and superweapons that can conquer and subjugate worlds without any effort was enough to call for backup. But they were spotted and had to make a run for it, eventually being chased into a dark and vast cave system. The leader of market and the boss, a lupine gun-runner named Matrice Kaeger has them both trapped and orders her men to bomb the cave to kill them. Dna saved Xendrian while he was saving him by using his growth powers full blast on him in order for them to escape the cave collapse.

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