The Four Ancient Kingdoms of are the four original mystical civilizations that built upon themselves but were hidden away from humans for centuries up until the early 26th century. Each kingdom has adopted and adapted to the peoples of the newly formed alliance and has opened their borders and realms to the people allowing free-exchange of ideas and technologies to further expand horizons.


  • Population: 36,093,234
  • Government: Council Government
  • Capital City: Atlantis

The kingdom Paleo-Atlantis (old Atlantis) is the largest underwater civilization on Earth mostly populated by aquatic dragons and other sentient beings that now dominate the once great kingdom. Established themselves as a government that are known to be the guardians of the world's oceans.

Kingdom of Avalon

  • Population: 12,940,283
  • Government: Absolute Monarchy
  • Capital City: Avalon

Widely believed to be the world's epicenter of true magic and sorcery, Avalon is home to the world's highest concentration of beings most people would see in fairy tales and ancient myths. Known all around Solterra as the Mythic population. The kingdom is the first nation to be made known to the Solterrans before the other three soon followed suit. Due to political tension between the current monarch, King Oberon and Prince Velan, the island nation is now divided into two lands politically.

The northern region remains the sovereign nation of Avalon and the southern half became the more modernized Royal Nationstate of South Avalon on the land.


  • Population: 56,093
  • Government: Regent-Council Government
  • Capital City: La

The famed ancient land in the Himalayas only opens its borders to the public for three months every seven years due to their strict guidelines and traditions. Known to be the enlightenment capital of the world and home to the world's most elite martial artists and spiritual scholars. It is also the home to yeti-like Yaerundi who are historically guardians of Shangri-La and now also protectors of the Black Vault.


  • Population: 1,025,000
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Capital City: Kiena, Kingdom State

A vast "lost" continent, the archipelago kingdom is mostly tribal.