Credits: Lionheartcartoon

From the Desk of Ms. Bellington is a 10-part short series featuring the life of the weredragon secretary Sarah Jessica Bellington and her stories of her times working under Xenny Diemes; the president of Twin Studios.


Working on this story was something special when there is a need for assistance for the president of Twin Studios who is unrealistically reliable, strong, focused and independent to make decisions even in the absence of the leader. Before then the idea of having a robotic secretary in hand would be useful but interest waned and switched to the need of a living person to handle business. That is where Ms. Bellington came in and describes her actions in journal entries of her life working for the studio.


  • Sarah Jessica Bellington - Main protagonist from Santa Monica. Originally a human from birth she became a powerful weredragon around her teen years. Overtime she grew in strength and power making her an unstoppable force. But she doesn't abuse her abilities and instead uses it for making herself the ultimate worker.
  • Karen MacIllenny - Sarah's human girlfriend and close lover which in contrast to Sarah's love for more stronger and powerful types liker herself can't compare to Karen's love for her.
  • Xenny Diemes - Founder and president of TwinStudios and Bellington's protectee. Unlike other studio executives who are hard-line and serious, Xenny is more childlike but is still mature to handle the tougher decisions. He hired Sarah to become his personal secretary and bodyguard for her power for he will need it against those who want to hurt him.


Series One
Title Synopsis
#1 Anniversary Sarah looks back and reminesces the one-year anniversary of surviving her year of employment with the company and of how she got it
#2 The Tasks of Ms. Bellington As the day goes on, her "to-do" list shows what she does as a secretary and an enforcer when dealing with asshole directors.
#3 Multitasking With the stamina of many enduring humans. Sarah can take her office work to the gym and crunch more than mere numbers.
#4 Premere Night Invited to come along to the world premiere of the studio's best horror franchise, Sarah does her best not the fall for the whims of the paparazzi but does any way.
#5 Bodyguard Sara's role as a secretary is changed when her boss gets kidnapped by a lunatic fan and the wrath of the secretary is unleashed in a heavily armed compound.
#6 Weekend Dragon Sometimes even the hardest working dragoness in the world needs time off and shows a part of her that no one expects.
#7 The Worst Three Weeks Ever Under strict orders from Xenny, Sarah is forced to take a three-week vacation. Just to come back to an trashy ending.
#8 The Handing of the Scripts and Assignments A special three-part starty of her business trip around the world to hand over new material with guest characters Pachua and Xendrian Maranmore from Dark Cauldron, Launa Viander and David Hemming on the set of Double Edged Legends and back to New York to Juneau Welle of RadioJackal.
#9 A Day at the Con Sarah's day at the world's biggest comic convention gets her to earn new friends and sport a sexy costume.
#10 Off the Clock The closing chapter displayed on the week Sarah does when she's not the secretary bodyguard.