The Great Osirius Shipyards is the prime location of Solterra's construction of starships of various types for the military forces of the planet nationstates and the whole Solterran naval force. By its own standard it is the largest shipyard in history because it calls for the construction of much larger ships. The location of this massive structure is located in the vast asteroid fields of largest spanning nationstate, the Belt Federation. Because of it's natural protection of asteroids and it's strategic positioning between mars and the lunar nations of Jupiter two heavily armed worlds. All of this made after the decommissioning of of the Martian Shipyards and the Shipyards of the Crown of Thorns space ring of Earth.

Ares Division

The first and still largest section of the shipyards and the first to work on the biological ships Goliath and Leviathan of the powerful and infamous Black Fleet the ultimate defense of the nation.

Longinus Division

Longinus has a secretive history behind the ships that were built there and its mostly maintained by advanced machines to construct the ships that make up the Sorcerer and Avenger Fleets the Vela Organization is responsible for equipping the ships with the latest generation of drives.

Davidian Division

The Davidian division is the latest addition to the shipyards in order to develop the newest fleets of ships including the SSS Superior for the Great Continuum Conference and the Omega Fleet making it the busiest of all three since there are no breaks in the construction process.