The names of the kingdoms along the "Kingdom Belt"

The Great Rift Kingdoms are fully sovereign states that are controlled within their own rights. Located within the Great Rift Valley region of eastern Africa (part of the African Union) Mostly populated by werecreatures and advanced humans who long established themselves apart from the rest of society throughout most of the early centuries.

These places are wholly rich in resources which through a mutual agreement among themselves always use to develop rather than exploit unlike the outsider mentality. These civilizations have multitudes of technological advancement ranging from tribal-advanced to advanced-modern meaning one kingdom would look like a typical wild-kingdom to another that is a complete city similar to the rest of human civilization.

Through the establishment act set by the African Union, they fully recognize the position of the civilizations and become fully interdependent of the Solterran Alliance, meaning they are only open for trade and travel but swear never to send Solterran or state armed forces within their borders. While the kingdoms themselves run as if they are their own countries separated from the alliance joining alongside "Kingdoms" such as Four Great Kingdoms.


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