The Great Uni Award or "The Unis" is a conceptual prize awarded to artists, writers and creators for great works in the worlds their stories reside in. Unlike other awards the recognize known, tangible achievements, The Unis celebrate the best in never before thought-out or intangible achievements done by the characters and/or elements to a story.


The Unis were thought up as an Idea to create an award to like what the fandom has created when the Ursa Major Awards are developed. But there are so many things that were overlooked that it was time to recognize those achievements.


There are seven top categories that define the structure of the Unis.

Characters Story Structure Concepts

Best Male/Female Character

Best Supporting Male/Female

Best Story Arc

Best Chapter

Best Use of Concept

Best Costume Design in a Work of Literature

Best Costume Design in a Graphic Work

Best Universe
World of the Year Best Creator of the Year Best Media