Iseria Oaklyn
Credits: JonFreeman


Storekeeper - Oaklyn Spells & Artifacts


Moderate-Level Fighting Skills
Experienced Sorceress

Iseria is one of the subject characters developed at first for the original HemisphereStudios character lineup and soon in the upcoming 5x5 story The Search of the Northern Light. Created by Xenny Diemes and the first illustrations done by JonFreeman. The inspiration for the creation of this character came about in June 16, 2011 during a streaming session when what was needed was a busty magic-wielding being spontaneously inspired from the "Sorceress" character from the game Dragons Crown.

Development + Origin

There really wasn't much development as there was instantaneous inspiration and want for having my own busty sorceress but considering the standard of the studio needing for all female cast members and characters to have a degree of independence and fight in them regardless of outside trend and their outward appearance. The first artist to conceptualize this is JonFreeman during a stream session back in June of 2011 originally as a quick commission. Then colored personally into the scheme that is today. As mentioned before the whole idea was based from the in-look design of the Sorceress from Dragons Crown who is a tall, long-legged and busty female who posses magic while looking incredibly appealing in the long run. But for Iseria this can be much better improved.

Iseria is from the Oxaland clan who are a long line of defenders of the former kingdom of Aphelia before the great war that split the nation apart. She lives in the capital city of the former empire that has evolved into a fully modern city and currently works as a store keep for Oaklyn Spells and Artifacts which services sorcerers and adventurers alike with what they need. Iseria herself is a skilled sorceress but has never once ventured far out of the city before but would wish to do so in the future.

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