Kaiyou N'iange
(CN: Seascythe)
Credits: Kyouryuu


Oceanuian Dragon


Interrealm Military


Planet Oceanus

First Appearance

Clear Blue Water


Super strength
High-speed Swimming

Kaiyou N'iange (Seascythe) is one of the secondary characters from Multiverse Unlimited. She was created for the series by Kyouryuu in interest if the story and developed a powerful character for the series. A story behind her becoming an agent was developed in order to talk about her coming into being.


Raised from the former world of Oceanus, a world were only ninety percent of the planet's surface is covered by water much denser than Earth's. The species have adapted to overcome the resistance and resulted in gaining bigger muscle mass. Kaiyou is one of such of her kind that she is known to be the fastest ones as well to her duties as trade watcher from interplanetary exchange.