Organization O is specialized ultra-secret organization that is accountable to no one government authority or body. Their range of skills can vary from scientific research to espionage. Several parts of their existence have been known only to a few conspiracy theorists and collaborators who are seeking the truth of this agency but with little to no avail.

History of Organization O

Organization O started originally as a sect of the Knights Templar back in the 1100's However due to the order's de-evolution that resulted in their downfall, many of the members of that sect broke away and went underground to continue their role as protectors far through the centuries. Because of their skill and expertise they have literally changed the course of history without anyone noticing. There have been many conspiracies and detractors of their existence even from other defense organizations all over the world they couldn't actually say they existed. Organization O actually counts on such conflicts of interest to keep them safe.

Areas of Expertise

O1 - Information Intelligence

O2 - Global Security

O3 - Special Activities (Demolitions, Evidence Cleanup, Assassinations, etc.)

O4 - Paranormal/Supernatural Defense

O5 - Specialized Research Activities

O6 - Interdimensional Monitoring

Applications in the Vianderverse and Interrealm

Organization O crosses into both the worlds of the Launa Viander and Interrealm in two distinctive aspects. For starters, Organization O is actually located within Launa's world and knows and interacts with the beings of the Mystical Underworld. The O4's there are the only other enforcement other than the High Lords and their responsibilities range from protecting humanity from hostile entities that threaten to harm humanity to managing integration of mystical beings into human/mortal society.