Reinhardt Xavier Riaider
Credits: Ikitsu


Cenuffii Aphkian


Imperial Guard
Interrealm Realmguards [Squadron Commander, Warwolves]


Aphka, Aphkian Thronesystem
Aphkian Imperium

First Appearance

Superpower Part Two: ...And Then The Wolves Came


Above-Normal Strength
Heavy Weapons Specialty
Adaptive Starship Use.

Reinhardt Xavier Riaider (pronounced REE-Ay-DUR) is the dual supporting character and element of the second season of Multiverse Unlimited and as the second Aphkian cast character of the series (the second is Seriian Zarei aka Sparta) and is the superior officer of the Realmguard squadron known as the Warwolves; the most organized, disciplined and aggressive squadron in the organization. He is a tough, wise and often a father figure to his team-mates regardless of species after a long time of working for the Imperium Sector of Interrealm's Realmguardians.

Character Biography

Captain Riaider was originally a seasoned soldier in the military for several years until a unrelated incident caused by an Interrealm agent causes him to be bad graces of the Imperium until a group from within studied Riaider's background and later he was given a choice by the organization that was responsible for the incident and one of them was to become the captain of a new squadron of their new tier called the Realmguards or leave the offer and accept his fate of what the Imperium had in mind for sometime Interrealm will instantaneously deny due to it's involvement.

In the months he has moved on after getting back at the agent responsible which discovered was corrupt in the same method that has gotten him in trouble in the first place. He has found the experience of taking the full weight of the everyday battles the agency has to face in the multiverse and has experienced more out in the Thirteen Realms than anyone who could be capable of Interdimensional Travel. All this before his involvement in the augmentation procedure that made his soon second-in-command Seriian Zarei also known as Sparta who at often times is his favorite sparring partner and a constant reminder of "who's strongest".

Other Info

  • One of the few operatives who mastered displacement combat techniques in which he can immobilize and fight against those who are bigger and stronger than himself.
  • He is the first person to know of the existence of Interrealm's Section Zero the other was Xendrian in which they took action against him. For Riaider Section Zero had a warning on him.