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Ripped Raven is a superheroine series developed by X A E Studios with a collaborative effort with the artist Jaeh. Depicting the adventures of Alexia Edgers who after an accident on the street gives her the incredible strength and mass-shift powers of a titan. However it also throws her into a dangerous world of fighting other beings, government conspiracies and the rise of an arch nemesis known by the name of Boomfox. Basically what started out as a inspiration and form of flattery from the existence of a previous character Busty Bird became a new universe on its own.

Origin and Development

The story began as a concept after seeing the adventures and exploits of the top-heavy crow superheroine Busty Bird created by Jaeh. This lead up to development of creating a new superhero who is also a crow but in this case but the same, a raven. Basically because it sounds better for the name the character will become. Initially, the first commissions came from the original creator of the Busty Bird universe and soon the story came into light.

Setting and Characters

The basic setting for the world of Ripped Raven takes place in the city of New Centralia. A large metropolis sitting in the center of three major geological sites: A vast delta leading to an ocean. A desert with a canyon system behind and a vast mountain range with snowy tops. The world is full of anthropomorphic animals with very few mythical beings roaming around in secrecy.

Main Characters

  • Alexia Edgers/Ripped Raven - 26 year-old girl who is a student from the Centralia University who accidentally got doused with a strange chemical stolen from a failed robbery gives her the power to increase her size and muscle mass and grants her the toughness greater than a tank.
  • Cynthia Roche/Boomfox - The heiress of the infamous Roche industrial empire. A vain, arrogant and short-tempered woman constantly bullying everyone around her including Alexia the same time of the accident also grants her the same powers like her but with the ability to explode with the force of a bomb and survive only to explode again.

The Military

  • General Bradack - A grizzly, old wolf who was in charge of the original project Atlas before it was shut down due to money shortages only after the first successful test. Now he's in charge of hunting and capturing the outbreak of superbeings formed as a result of the accident from the theft.

The Board

They are a secret and powerful organization made of ten prominent members who oversee all secret experiments and projects since the 1940's. They shutdown Bradack's atlas project for lack of results but with the first existence of the two. Interest looms high.

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