Ripple Effect is the first movie-style special of the Interrealm Universe series, featuring Acelsia Phenn and Xendrian Maranmore as the main characters working together in a whirlwind dangerous mission. This is also the story that can dive into more into the worlds of DocWolph's own Great Wide Universe


A powerful syndicate group headed by a mad adventurist uses time travel to prevent the Great Casid Exodus from happening with unforeseen consequences. Now it is up to Acelsia and Xendrian to stop it from happening, But will they survive before then?


Coming soon.



  • Acelsia Phenn - She is from the mecha corps of Interrealm and a Casid sand lioness. She is chosen by Xararuna for her near-concise knowledge of pre-exodus Casiida.
  • Xendrian Maranmore - Now often with a more serious and aggressive attitude after his resurrection two years prior.


  • Taeleu Akani/Lady Goliath - Superior officer of Acelesia and a member of the royal guardians of the dominion.
  • Xararuna Ignatius - The only existing phoenix on Earth, she is the director of Vela's Great Chronometer and the leader of Project Longinus.
  • DocWolph Warpwaulph - Head of the Universal Observatory and close friend and personal ally to Xendrian. Will be responsible for the rescue of the both of them after the Great Chronometer is wiped from existence.
  • Du'nal of Pride Kenatau - A young but powerful Casid lion male who has fallen in love with Acelsia.

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