Credits: Cylnx


Cursed Human (Augmented)

Cause of Powers

Unlocked primitive traits from lion goddess Kinosaze.


Super strength
Heightened Senses
Heavy Durability

Sabrecat is the super heroine identity of Launa Viander forged through her careful balance of herself and her recently acquired beastly powers from the lion goddess Kenosaze in the events of the CoaT story Hear Me Roar. Since the event, Launa as this persona is known to be more or less an international superhero not letting borders or forces stop her from doing what she needs to be done.


In the events of Hear Me Roar, Launa meets up with long-time friend, the African trickster of legend Anansi after a desperate call to help him protect what could be the last rare white lions in existence from the hands of a poacher. In the ensuing conflict, Launa comes across the goddess and protector of the cubs, Kenosaze. It was there that Kinosaze endowed Launa with new powers, unlocked from the feline side of her body, bring out the real beast in her to become incredibly powerful needed to defeat the poacher and save the cubs. This however wasn't taken away but instead left to grow and develop with her as she understands her new power. Sometimes it was brutally difficult to control as the force of thousands of generations of mighty feline beasts were stored in one spot that can rival or even overcome Launa's own strength if not controlled in time. Eventually through heavy concentration and extremely brutal mental exercises, Launa came out victorious in overcoming the beast within creating a hybridized version in between forms, More muscle than magic is what this form has given her and can use it to her advantage. For a short stint, instead of going around the world as Launa, she has been fighting crimes in special cases as the highly elusive "Sabrecat" using her heightened senses, brutal strength and fierce animalistic nature to defeat enemies regular and supernatural.


Sabrecat is different in terms of powers than that of Launa for Sabrecat has no magical powers as a result of the beast forms intake of power to transfer and use the form. Instead in its place remains just strength and a far more resilient body. The costume she designed is more or less her idea and presents more flexibility than her original set of clothing.

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