Second Dragon War
DateNovember 24, 2299 - April 14, 2415
Earth's Moon
United States of Mars
Casus belli Firebombing of the U.N. Emergency Meeting
Dragonstorm attacks against London, New York, etc.
Result Terran Alliance victory in Memorial Woods during the Battle of Kiev
Purist Union Teran Alliance
General Drakas Commander Bellus
General Raddeck
General Kraeger
General Matuzek
Mecha Salvos
Super Dragons
Biological Weapons
"Dragonstorm" Attacks
Mecha Salvos
Nuclear Weapons
Various Breath Weapons
204,082,134 Dragons (30,000,000 Civilian) 180,780,000 Humans
56,290,000 Dragons (16,485,006 Civilian Combined)

Second Dragon War is a massive interplanetary conflict that consumed all of the 24th century in battles, internal conflicts, horrific atrocities and bloodshed. The two dominant powers on Earth: The Terran Alliance and the Purist Union were locked in battles since the aftermath of the great dragonstorm attacks that decimated much of the earth. Historically, it is known as the Second Dragon War but to most, its considered a Third World War.

Causes of the War

During the early 24th century, after centuries of development and conflict with apartheid-era Germany that resulted in the Hammurabi War resulting in the equal damage to both sides who now hate each other. Anti-Human sentiment among the elder dragons resulted into the forming of the Purists. During that time the Purists were small in numbers but their influence after the war were viral among many.

It was then because of the growing conflicts nearing the edge of a war of epic proportions. The United Nations recovering from a failed first attempt a year after the Hammurabi War to host an emergency meeting in the city of Kiev but they have barred the Purists from having their say in the meeting because of the fact their ideals would damage the already unstable situation.

Angered by the response a young general named Drakas took a final initiative as retribution against humans and dragons who side with them. With a single powerful dragon. Drakas ordered a strategic attack against the meeting place where all of the ambassadors meet and in a single swoop were all killed. It was remarkable and horrifying first strike against a now growing menace...

...But it wouldn't be the last.

Dragonstorm Attacks

Dragonstorm attacks are a battle strategy conducted by General Drakas himself to gather the strongest dragons in an attack formation and literally sweep across a target with combined fire wave attack which is effective in destroying cities across the worlds continents.

Drakas ordered the first attack against the City of London (sparing the Space Elevator) leading to its destruction. After London, they headed out west destroying major cities in the Americas with New York, Washington D.C. and many other cities. Those affected will not take Drakas revenge any more and the Second Dragon War has began.