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Seleki Mecki
Credits: Blackfox85

Real Name

Telerenn of Clan Xareil


Titan Direan


Direan Royal Guards
Dulunar Space Force


Master Weapons Sargent


Direan Repubic
Ethangrad, Harul Province
Venmar Continent
Direan Republic


Super strength
Heavy Weapons Training
Brute Force Fighting Skills

Seleki Mecki (Telerenn) is a created character that can be found in one of the partial and mainstream stories of the Interrealm universe. Created originally to represent a new species that is native to the Prime Observable Universe and the first "alien" species to exchange contact with humanity: The Direans. A race of giant, musclebound wolves that were the product of genetic enhancements by the Altantians prior to their mid-journey expulsion by the Atlantians.

The first known picture of her was created by Andrew Dickman back in c.2005 and made out into the first colors to show what she is if colored. Further developments included her natural role of being a Titan Direan, fierce soldier and a brilliant singer for her stature. A talent that puts her in a higher regard to become the Queen Alpha's guardians on away tours.


Big Beginnings

Seleki was born to the Clan Xareil as Telerenn. The clan is composed of eight natural-born, five loners and ten from other clans. She grew up in a family of titans, the largest and strongest group of Direans known on Vera-Dirus. Known for their monstrously muscled build and unmatched strength, the Xareil clan is no stranger to use that ability in their traditions of fighting, building and merely displaying great feats of strength against other clans. At the age of 13, it didn't take too much time before Telerenn's muscles start to develop as the months moved on. In her teen years, Telerenn's favorite hobbies included playing Smashball, where she had her best moments bashing against other male and female players and gets her share of the workouts from. After that she finished school and immediately take her role in the mandatory ten-year long military stay.

Starting out as a Private, she moved up the ranks thanks to her skills in hand-to-hand combat, team dynamics and covert operations. Her stay at the military was very strainouis to the point it had broke down her personality into a cold hard killing machine. Even so Telerenn's talent and knowledge of Direan weapons of the past and present earned her the rank of Corporal after her term was up. After the Academy, she went knee deep in the Pack Wars and served her country proudly.

Finding her Voice

As a young cub, she would always sing along war hymns with her father. She would practice by herself for fun. When she was enlisted in the 10 year training program, she had lost that part of her.

There was one mission that had resulted Telerenn in becoming lost in one of the most dangerous parts of Vera- Dirus: Fueas Forest. There she had to make it on her injuries and battle creatures that could be discribed as nearly Lovecraftian Horror. On top of this, her own demons that she never knew she had. It was near her breaking point was when she started to sing again to relive her mind. It was nearly a month later that she was able to contact her company and return home as a change woman.


Telerenn was promoted to Gunnery Sargeant went to further teach privates who enlisted. However, at night, she would meet up with her former lover, Xrodan, and practice to proform at his club. It was then she gave a performance that sent Direans into a excited frenzy. However, she was found out by her superior officers and had been removed privilages of leaving the base. That wasn't the end of that Her moment came in the eve of the decade after the Pack wars that ravaged the planet and the government needed a morale boost more than ever. Queen Alpha Kinsa commissioned composers to write what will be the official anthem of the Republic which included a bit of history of their victory over the war. Sadly Kinsa's best pick to sing was one of the casualties of the war leaving Kinsa without a suitable singer. Until one of the rumors of a beautiful singer was being heard. Through her Royal Elite Guards, she found the source and gathered as much info as she could. Telerenn to be the slain singer's replacement. Telerenn though reluctant to accept the queen's request, her experience after the war shows that her fellow soldiers and the subject citizens needed the boost more than ever.

Three months later after much practice and preparation, the large ceremony is held to celebrate the ongoing re-establishment and reconstruction efforts of all who had rebuilt the world. It was also the time of the founding of the nation itself back when it was a Kingdom by their founders. Telerenn arrived on scene much to the mumbles of curiosity and fears that she, a Titan direan would ruin the first play of the new anthem. But to their surprise, her voice and rendition of The Song of the Twin Moons was fantastic giving Telerenn was given a ten-minute standing ovation when suddenly a explosion rocked the arena springing forth wolves from a faction defeated in the war seeking revenge on the Queen Alpha.

Telerenn drops her singer act and leaps into full military mode. Running at full speed and using her incredible might to leap the hundreds of feet into the balcony where the Queen is and in a split second grabbed the nearest scythe blade from a downed guard and stopped a rogue from dropping his gun blade down on the Queen. The ensuing fight left seven dead none of which were the Queen and her guards who escorted her and Telerenn survived the ordeal. Under her orders, Telerenn had incoming troops capture the remaining invaders.

The celebration was written off as a disaster but the heroic efforts of the Direan troops and the guards saving the queen from certain death. However the part of Telerenn was cut out and focused on her brilliant performance of the new anthem. In a special meeting between her and the Queen Alpha, she was given her gratitude and awarded the high honor

Welcome to Earth

At age 47, Telerenn maintains her work in the higher ranks for the Direan military working now within the Royal levels of the government to see affairs of the family. When contact is made with Earth for the first time, it would be a matter of time before the arrival of the Solterrans be up next. Kinsa assembled a select group of great minds that the republic can offer to the nation for their first diplomatic arrival on Earth and Telerenn is one of the chosen to come.

Upon their arrival on Earth, many of the people were shocked at the sight of giant wolves among them and the Atlantians for their appearance as well. The queen allowed them to venture out into city to see Earth culture including Telerenn who explored much as she can until she found her way at a local singing bar in which in her own fashion did performed and has gotten massive attention.

Telerenn becomes Seleki

Along with her at the time was a young lady, by the name of Angel Mecki, Telerenn had met at a museum. She was an odd ball in character, but she became instant friends. Curious about her name, Angel asked to what it had meant.  Telarenn explains to Angel that her name in the Paleo-atlantian language means "far away" and Angel thought  she would call her Seleki, in reminder of a place she visited in which she had a fun time. Telarenn just took it as a sign of friendship. After a ceremony speech was given, a massive Earthquake in Washington D.C. had oocured. One of the Buildings that was going to collapse was her office building. Telerenn had saved the young woman from her death. After the events occured, they went to a bar to sing. Overnight, Telerenn became an internet sensation. It was then she had adopted the name Seleki and combined it with her friend's last name to form Seleki Mecki. Overtime the two became close friends despite size and species difference.

It was a long process finding a suitable name for her but eventually the Titan did settle with the name "Seleki" and in honor to have her friend's last name as well. Eventually she returned back to Vera-Dirus using the name to identify herself as the sexy and powerful singer who can handle a hard weapon better than the next Direan.


Other Media


  • She is the main character in the novel Song of a Soldier written by Jon Giest and Xenny Diemes.

Other Info

  • Her favorite weapon is the heavy ordinance rail gun for ballistics, buster scythe for simple weapons.
  • The dress she wears in the displayed picture above is the official ceremonial dress for females in special ceremonies and parties with dignitaries.
  • Had to cancel a concert once not to sickness, injury or outside condition but to report for duty to deal with a hostage situation that occurred blocks away from the venue she was going to perform in.
  • She eventually left the Direan Military to join the planet's new Dulunar space forces in order to keep in contact with her friend Angel since the organization has communication ties with the Alliance.