A typical reactor model

Singularity Reactors (also known mostly as Dark Matter Generators) are to date the most powerful energy sources created after cold fusion reactors have been in use for over hundreds of years after their use is free from conspirators who were hiding it all the time. The first Singularity Reactors were made in remote space stations because the earlier ones were to risky to be placed planet side for dangers of the singularity (aka a black hole becoming unstable).

The first practical use of Singularity Reactors were in starships to provide a nearly non-exhaustive energy source for use of hyperspace drives and soon for interdimensional drives. The Olbert Company is the first company to create commercial reactors in space stations and massive starships and one can cover the power of every function. Then there is a miracle in the research. The creation of the man-made element Orbium is what made the first singularity reactor to be built on a planet possible which lead to the making of the Mount Weather Singularity Reactor possible.