Surveyor Mechas are a three part series of specialized robotic explorers and mechs made only for Interrealm Military and RealmGuards for the purposes of exploration, research and secondary back up in a battle. They are the most reliable machines ever to be developed after the Dreadnaught series mechas which often go alongside them. The idea to create a small robotic assistant for rookie agents began years ago when experienced agents alongside inexperienced ones were in short supply that is when the commission to develop a special type of robot that can assist these agents in the missions and adventures. After a decade of research, the first Surveyor drone SUR-480 was useful in helping. But soon the success lead to more permissions to add advanced AI, defensive maneuverability and superior fighting tactics.

Controversy arose as to weather to allow the use of fighting tactics to machines for fear should the A.I. acts up and goes against its master but many safeguards were added to prevent such a event from happening. Eight years later, the idea of the original designs have moved up to more advanced levels. The idea to make it into a independent asset and to upgrade it to a Mecha to battle alongside the more experienced and well respected Dreadnaught Mechas which often not posed serious competition. Along with the original Surveyor, Surveyor Defender the independent soldier-type mech and the massive Surveyor Zero came into line.