Taeleu Akani of Pride Atanau
(CN: Lady Goliath)


Casid Sand Lioness


Neocasidian Royal Guard [Part Time]
Commanding Officer - Realmguards


Marquis-Devonshire Region,
Neocasiida, Neocasidian Dominion
Prime Observable Universe

First Appearance



Super strength
Heavy sorcery
Military tactics
Heavy weapons
Hand-to-hand combat

Taeleu Akani of Pride Atanau is a Realmguardian from Multiverse Unlimited and Ripple Effect. She current stands part time as one of the high guards to the protection of the Neocasidian High Regent and as Squadron Leader of the realmguardians known as the Ironcats.


Taking in more of the Casid species developed by DocWolph and combining elements of the stories of the agency when Neocasiidia is made several characters are made to accommodate the current state of affairs and it's relations with its parent planet in the Great Wide Universe. Taeleu is a prime example of what happens when the weak is made strong. Originally born with minor deficiencies, under the old ways she would have been unsuitable for even living on and would have been put to death. However luck did came to her being born under the new mentalities of the Neocasidian society as Taelau grew and developed better than her peers thanks to encouraging peers and Casid-Solterran therapeutic technology but it seemed to proved to be too useful for her as she overdeveloped physically into the state she's in now.

During her teen years, Taeleu is often made fun of for being "the big cat" on campus and she is standing at 7'1" above all the others up until her military service she gained the height of 9'10" and packing more than two tons of muscle (part of which is dense) often leading to her fellow soldiers to give her the nickname that soon became her codename upon being assigned to the Realmguards: Lady Goliath. Her years of experience during the Post-Independence Pride Wars and other exo-planeteary missions hardened her enough to take on real challenges throughout the Thirteen Realms including her part-time role in protecting the High Regent in the name of her home nation.

Currently, Taeleu is the squadron leader of the Ironcats, a team made up of 3 mecha salvos, 470 heavy-duty batteries and 40 team members including Acelsia Phenn who co-works as part of the agency's Mecha Corps.