Vela Org
The Vela Organization is the worlds leading scientific and educational facility on Solterra dealing with multi-versal sciences and topics. It's roots began from the final days of reconstruction after the Second Dragon War. Currently Richard Vela is the current director of the organization and the fourth great grandson of founder Edward Vela to insure the public and commercial interest and trust in interdimensonal travel, technology and mapping of the Thirteen Realms.


Edward Vela founded the facility with the intention of understanding more of the multiverse and the establishing technology that came with it. The quantum leaping/tunneling technologies created by Dr. Hans Röntgen prior to his disappearance as a result of his latest experiment in what is to be known as Project Leapfrog.

Current Staff

Facilities and Divisions

Vela has several facilities around the world and on other planets. Each with their purpose ranging from gathering data on post-GSA data and maintaining travel to researching otherworldly phenomena. The facilities listed are the most well-known areas of study and defense for the Alliance and the thirteen realms.

Vela Observatory

The Vela Observatory is the main headquarters of the organization. Located far in Western Virginia, this observatory is different than those in the past.

Great Chronometer

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Worlds Museum

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Black Vault Archives

The Black Vault Archives and Information Center is the most secretive and secure vault in the universe where most of the world and other items from other planets and universes are stored. Ranging from legendary texts, magical items and even creatures are stored away in what could be the largest facility on earth more greater than the largest space ever.