Credits: BGN


Great Bahamutian Dragon


Superhero of the Supernatural


Alphelion City, Universe #410


Extreme Muscle Growth
Elemental Magic
Heavy Combat Skills
High-Speed Flight

Vengeance is the muscled superhero of Xendrian Maranmore created totally off-canon and a more mature nature. Living in a completely different world from that of Interrealm and the Studio Universe and removing some features of this version and adding more likable qualities. It was an instantaneous ideal based off the designs of VonceDragon with his own superhero persona. His is known as the "Night Mayor" and Vengeance's costume is based off that design and commissioned for the love of it.

There have been many names that the character can take on including "Red Vengeance" but that was already taken or used by others in RPG's and stories. So the character is just stuck with Vengeance as his moniker. More is still at work for Vengeance other than the mature appearance.

World of Alphelion City

Alphelion City is one of many major cities that make up the "Great Metroplex" and Alphelion City stands as a Megacity which one can get easily lost in if you're new. The denizens of the city can range from the destitute to the ultra-rich and powerful who make themselves as the authority over everyone in their lives, and the police is only illusion. Recently a new wave, a total paradigm has turned the city on its head. A massive rift altered the natural energies of the people endowing them with magical powers and abilities some of the people have turned into powerful beasts such as dragons, werewolves, orcs and the like. It was too much for the current power structure to take and suddenly collapsed. Now the other cities have rendered the Alphelion into a exclusion zone to prevent the beings from leaving except that is not the case. But an excuse to prevent "their kind" from escaping.

Today the City still exists and the remaining human dwellers remain but they are not the dominant species and co-exist with the new non-humans. Gangs roam the streets police won't go to anymore and magic rules supreme in how the pecking order is done. That is until one, heavily-endowed dragon flies the skies protecting the weak and using his own powers to take on the dangerous elements the city throws at him.

Xendrian Maranmore
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