Versailles Teslaer
(CN: Aslana)
Credits: Avencri


Sapient (Bengal Tiger)


Interrealm (Section Zero)


Earth flag Solterran Alliance
MacMillian SAFB, South Avalon
Solterran Alliance

First Appearance



Gymnastic and Acrobatic Skills
Animal Senses and Instinct
High Super Strength
Armed Combat

Versailles Teslaer is an operative from Interrealm's Section Zero with the rank equivalent of lieutenant. Her origins are unknown to the public but to Interrealm she is barely visible. Versailles is known to be the first of a new group known as "Sapients": The opposite of augments, animals that are given human-like traits and abilities including intelligence.


As a precursor of future Protectorate agent, Project Genia is conducted at the MacMillian Space Air Force Base located outside the realm of the Royal Nationstate of South Avalon. The project's goal is to push the current technological superiority on genetics to the next level basically in the field of augmentation. Currently with genetic engineering we can have better food yields, protect the populace against deadly, extra-terrestrial diseases and in terms of cosmetic beauty, gives people the option to augment themselves with animal DNA. Ranging from different colored eyes, increased senses, changing skin patters to outright changing their outward appearance to become the animal they desired.

In the case of Genia's project leader and supposed "father" Dr. Pieter Teslaer he goes to the notion of creating a true humanoid animal selected out from his favorite species: Tigers. it took seven years to perfect the sequencing methodology and selected the right candidate from a line of suitable female tigers. Once once is selected the process begins until she produced a fully healthy child complete with the features of the mother but humanoid as Dr. Teslaer had anticipated. The child labeled #082A1 and later named "Versailles" became the first sapient being, an animal with human characteristics instead of the other way around. It was a miracle in some instances because the failure rate was at 89% for a first time attempt.

Versailles grew up without showing any signs of developmental problems or animal-like aggression like her non-human mother is. Displaying both human-level intelligent and animalistic qualities even learning to use her animal side better when hunting like her mother does. Even the original mother still loves Versailles as she would a cub. Pieter does the job of keeping her humanity in check even to teach her vocabulary of humans to which she excels.