Welcome to Interrealm: A Comprehensive Guide for New Agents, Operatives and Staff working for the Agency for Interdimensional Defense, Exploration and Intelligence Is a ten-part miniseries that acts as a set of references and guides that are given to each new Interrealm operatives, officers and staff working for the organization. Each part is hosted by the official ultra-computer in her avatar form known as A.V.A. who will be your guide through this series.

This series is more or less like a parody of most beginners guides and overviews of companies and departments to welcome new members within their ranks. Often greeting them with calm tones and well-informed backgrounds of each part of their training journey.


Chapter Description
#1 Introduction

A.V.A. explains the purpose of this series and ends with quoting Interrealm's official motto:

Sciencia Quod Vires, Ex Universitas Ultra - From Worlds Beyond, Knowledge and Strength

#2 The Structure of the Organization Explains the breakdown of the main tiers and its subdivisions.
#3 Recruitment and Training When orientation is done, the training begins.

4. History - From simple beginnings to the current state of the agency

5. Portals and Gateways - Tells what kinds of wormholes travelers go through in this universe.

6. Tools of the Trade - A lowdown of the basic gear that every agent needs.

7. Ten Diplomatic Do's and Don'ts - When traveling across into different worlds, there are some things in conducting inter-universal diplomacy that you should and should not (sometimes never) do.

8. Weapons - A detailed outline of the most common sometimes most vital weapons in Interrealm's arsenal.

Upcoming Chapters

9-10 Coming Soon