Wyanet by Manske

Wyanet is a major character in the series titled Dark Silver written by Alexander Mudrovich. She is a warm-hearted and loving member of the ancient race of humanoid foxes known as the Tokala and is the daughter of her tribe's chieftain, Gahege. Even though she was raised by a stubborn and prejudice chieftain she took after her wise and understanding mother, Maiara.

So, needless to say, Wyanet doesn't get along well with her father on a fair amount of things, though most only deal with how they view things and rarely on subjects that result in anger filled actions. However, when she brought David to her tribe her father told her that he'll exile both of them if David made a single mistake, but of course she chose to take the risk for reasons not excluding to finally develop a full confrontation against Gahege.

Character Description


Wyanet's beautiful image is only exceeded by the purity of her soul. Like David she always puts others before herself and does what she can to maintain the hopes of her family and friends. Of course she is able to have a lot of fun, especially with David be it at his expense or hers.