Xararuna Ignatius
Credits: Chlaosan

Real Name

Xararuna (Ignatius was an adopted name)


Director of Vela Organization’s
Great Chronometer Facility
Overseer Director of the Longinus Fleet


Arelusa’ii (older sister)


High-level mastery of universe-native magic

Director Xararuna Ignatius is a great guardian phoenix from the Phoenix Realm and the only one to co-exist with Arelusa’ii, who is the only visibly known great guardian of the Prime Universe. She was discovered by scientist Edward Vela and her vast knowledge makes her a valuable asset to the Alliance and to the Vela Organization where she works as a Director of the Great Chronometer facility.

Her responsibilities is is to track any vessel that crosses between universes and also keeping secret of any activity involving time travel in which she has the final say other than the president and members of the security council to allow to send experienced agents back in time. That is also her role in the C-level, the home of Solterra's first active fleet of time machines.

Her adjustment to living among mortals was challenging to her, specially with those from other universes and those who also hold supremacy of the technology and the knowledge to use it right.

Other Info

  • She is one of three people in the world who knows of the existence of the C-level fleet of time machines and is the overseer director of the Longinus Fleet in South Africa.
  • Despite her age of 40,000 years, she is considered a "child" by phoenix standards, outside of the realm leaving her with only 60,000 years left before her resurrection phase.
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