Xias was a goddess during the early formation of the multiverse. She was the goddess of great strength and mass but little is known about the acts she committed to or if she had any known civilizations or that worships her might. Xias as described by those who had worshiped her in the past is described as titanic being with an ungodly musculature that is said to span universes all at once every time she flexes those monster muscles. But despite her immeasurable strength her heart and pure and noble who does not desecrate or destroy unless under extreme provocation, a feat only done once by a mortal which led to the destruction of several thousand galaxies under her wrath.

Transition to Mortality

Her power was the only thing keeping her isolated from the rest of the beings even from the other super-beings that have existed in the eons long hereafter. That is when Xias has decided to make herself mortal but the universal rule will not let her simply relinquish her full power to become mortal but she did find another way to secure that power. Xias took her mighty hands and gathered all that power into a single crystal with a golden ring guarding it she hid the piece away to prevent other hands from using the power of the crystal for other means. Xias enjoyed her years as a mortal so much she ended up loosing the knowledge of where her crystal went not only she was doomed to live out her mortality but was left even after her death with the possibility of who will end up with her immeasurable power.

Thala as Avatar

During a massive break-in at the Black Vault, Dr. MacOwenell tries to stop the intruders and somehow uses the recently discovered eye of Xias to subdue them but the power of the eye has infused itself into her making the already strong Thalassomedon into an avatar of great size and strength.